Graham Donaldson -  Personal Trainer

"My Training Style Is Adapted To Suit Every Individual's Fitness Abilities"


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Graham Donaldson

I'm a fully qualified coach with military experience after proudly serving in the Parachute Regiment. My mission is to improve people's lives both physically and mentally for better through my holistic approach to coaching.


Since leaving the army I have wanted to be able to help people change their lives, through health and fitness. I have the skills to enable people to achieve real results, not just physically but also help them build that mental strength and improve overall health.


If you are ready to improve your life for the better and are looking to take action and stop looking for excuses, finally hold yourself accountable to transform your life mentally and physically, am here to help you achieve your goals.

Our regimental motto is ’Utrinque Paratus’ (‘Ready for Anything’). It is therefore my aim for you to achieve the level of fitness and health you wish to obtain, and my goal is for you to maintain that level with Drop Zone Elite Fitness—so you too will be “Ready for Anything”. If you’re serious about your health and fitness, I can help you make the transformation you want to see.



At Drop Zone Elite Fitness, we offer uniquely crafted health and fitness opportunities and services. Do you want to get physically fit, feel healthy, and look healthy? We have a range of services to help you reach your personal goals. Be the change you want to see.


What my clients say...

I completed a 6-week training program where we did 2-3 sessions a week online via teams. I have lost 6 inches and 6lbs in total and I couldn't be happier.


As he is an ex-Para, I was expecting full-on military training. Got that wrong! Every session was different, I wasn't judged for my podgy bits, but the bit I really got was that he wouldn't let me quit.



Graham Donaldson

Personal Trainer

1 Solway Street, Newcastle upon Tyne,


Tel: 07706 317212


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