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Do you want to get physically fit, feel healthy, and look healthy? We have a range of services to help you reach your personal goals. Be the change you want to see.

At Drop Zone Elite Fitness, we offer uniquely crafted health and fitness opportunities and services.

I had the honour of being a Paratrooper with the 1st Battalion for eight years. I did amateur boxing and this continued during my military career. Since leaving the army I have wanted to be able to help change people’s lives, through health and fitness, so I decided to put my skills to good use. My background and training has given me the confidence and drive to set goals and achieve them, and maintain them. Our regimental motto is ’Utrinque Paratus’ (‘Ready for Anything’). It is therefore my aim for you to achieve the level of fitness and health you wish to obtain, and my goal is for you to maintain that level with Drop Zone Elite Fitness—so you to will be “Ready for Anything” If you’re serious about your health and fitness and think you have what it takes, we can help you, be the change you want to see.

Graham – Personal Trainer, Drop Zone Elite Fitness.


Personal Training as a suite of programme(s) will guarantee the results you want and we can offer this service in a variety of ways, so choose the right one for you and let’s get you on that journey to success.

80% of your success can be charted through dietary and nutritional advice, making this a massive influence on results you want to see.

Graham Donaldson, Personal Trainer.

Our services include:



Having the right diet plan to follow will impact on your life. Making informed choices about your diet will not only help you feel it, but see it also.
All it takes is the right advice and a change of attitude toward your food.

Delivered as a one hour consultation and unlimited email support for a period of one month, we at Drop Zone Fitness will guide you and support you with your nutritional requirements.

We can also help you alter the way you look at your diet, as no food is out of bounds with Drop Zone Elite Fitness.


Drop Zone Elite Fitness is proud to support the Parachute Regiment Charity.

“I decided to support the Paras charity through my business, so all customers signing up to the services I offer through Drop Zone Elite Fitness will enable me to donate a percentage of my income to the charity”.

Graham Donaldson, Personal Trainer. Drop Zone Elite Fitness.

Registered Charity No. 1131977

For more information on the Parachute Regiment Charity visit:

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