Claire, lost 6inches and 6lbs in total 


I approached Graham a little while ago to see if he could train me so I felt better for my friend's wedding. I have lost weight myself over the last 20 months however I was stuck and had plateaued for a while.

I knew I needed to do something to shock my body and from training with Graham years ago at his bootcamp sessions I knew it would definitely do that.


Last Friday I completed a 6 week training program where we did 2-3 sessions a week online via teams. These sessions have been a mixture of cardio, weighted and body weight exercises and I can safely say they were nothing like the bootcamp sessions I used to attend as there was no where for me to hide! I have lost 6inches and 6lbs in total and I couldn't be happier. Each session was entirely different but Graham encouraged me and was always motivational. Graham was also patient with me in my apprehension of training after a arm injury. I was scared id hurt myself but understood this and pushed me as far as he knew he could whilst I start to regain the strength.

Despite the swearing (which I won't apologise for) I have thoroughly enjoyed getting back into training. You've helped me both physically and mentally encouraging me to have confidence with my own abilities so thank you! I could not recommended Graham enough.

Victoria, Every session was different

I met Graham via my role as a business advisor, he came to me to get his PT business back on track… I liked his outlook & his style of training. So booked myself some sessions. As he is a ex Para, I was expecting full on military training. Got that wrong! Every session was different, I wasn’t judged for my podgy bits, but the bit I really got was he wouldn’t let me quit. “Two more, you can do this!” I am beyond proud of him for pushing himself to do TV interviews. I know how much effort it would have taken him to do that. - I still won’t match that effort when it comes to burpees, but that’s my fight with him. Chuffed to be his business advisor and him my PT. 

When I first started with Graham I was 120kg and stuck in a constant cycle of failing myself and getting demotivated by my lack of fitness. I decided to set myself a goal to be fit enough to join the military, lose 40kg and improve my mental state. It was hard at first being stuck in my mindset of failing but Graham helped me look past that to the future goals and chip away bit by bit. Near the end, Graham taught me some of the key skills I would need for phase 1 basic training and to be able to pass the test required.

I got into phase 1 in February 2020 and had to do my phase 1 through Covid and using the past advice from Graham and asking throughout my training he helped me to improve to the standards. Thanks, Graham for the help and the support throughout.

Elaine, my weight loss was a result of having fun

I have tried diets in the past, with little success, so I decided to get some advice from Drop Zone Elite Fitness.  I enrolled for boxing sessions as I liked the idea of a full-body workout and de-stressing with throwing punches. Loved it immediately and looked forward to each session, my weight loss was a result of having fun, never would have believed it but it worked for me.

Debbie, I feel happier and stronger in mind and body

Steven, I  got fit enough to join the military

I couldn't have done this without Graham, I don't just mean without as PT, I mean without you as a person, Thank you for all your patience, advice, training and support. I've come very far, through what seems like a big journey, in a small space of time, All of which has been very challenging for me, but it has also been very positive.

I feel happier and stronger in mind and body.

Here's to the next six weeks and beyond which I very much look forward to.

So a big thank you, it's very much appreciated.