Cancellation & Charges Policy

About cancellation

1) If a customer is unhappy with a purchase of bookings and/or service they have paid for, they can cancel within 7 days of their contract with Drop Zone Elite Fitness or within 7 days of receipt of the confirmation booking.

2) If the customer wishes to cancel their order, a full refund of payment will be provided. To cancel bookings or request a full refund for any purchases within the 7 days from the payment date, the customer is requested to contact Drop Zone Elite Fitness by emailing, or put in writing their request for a refund to the company, so a refund can be arranged.


3) If the customer paid for their service using PayPal service or paid in cash, either a bank transfer will apply for the refund, or in the case of cash payment, a cash refund will be provided where possible.

About our charges

4) All fees are payable in advance and full payment for any on-going membership is payable to Drop Zone Elite Fitness for the duration of the course/service you enter into with us.


5) Payments made to us are non-refundable so if you cannot or are unable to attend at the stated time/date of the session(s) you will not be refunded regardless of reason for non-attendance.


6) Any non-payment for on-going services that have been agreed under Terms and Conditions of a contract will be passed to a Third Party debt recovery agency and any associated costs will be passed to the client for payment.