Small-Group Personal Training for Friends, Family and Couples

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Benefits Of Training Together. 


Sometimes training to get in shape can be a lonely place on your own. 


Whether you feel more comfortable training with your other half or with friends, finding someone else to get fit with can be extremely motivating. 


Is it good for couples to work out together? 


Develop support and accountability. 


Exercising with your significant other provides an excellent opportunity to hold each other accountable, challenge each other to reach bigger and better accomplishments, and support each other while creating a stronger bond.


Can we train together if we are at different fitness levels? 


Absolutely! My training sessions are adapted to suit people at all levels of fitness. 


Sometimes you are going to be doing different types of exercises but you are still going to have a lot of fun and enjoy seeing your physical and mindset change with Drop Zone Elite Fitness 


The benefit of training as a couple and with friends is that despite the difference in goals you are there to help encourage each other. 


Together, everyone achieves more!