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The Parachute Regiment Charity was established to support soldiers of The Parachute Regiment and their families, as well as Airborne Forces members who need help.

They look after our serving soldiers, whether they served in the Falklands, Kosovo, Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan or anywhere with the Regiment, even if not on active operations. If wounded, injured, in need of specialist help or in financial need or distress, they are there to help. They also look after the needs of their families who are inevitably affected.

There are many aspects of the Regiment’s life that make it a great place to work and belong to, but they are not always paid for by public funds. To keep them going and give our soldiers the life they deserve, the charity helps with funding. These help to keep up morale encourage the spirit of the Regiment and ensure that we recruit and keep the best.

They have a proud history since 1940 and are determined that the service and bravery of all our soldiers serving and retired is not forgotten, and is properly commemorated, especially those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

They are controlled by a board of trustees which oversees the charity’s operations and ensures it is acting within its objects and under charity law.


Registered Charity No. 1131977

For more information on the Parachute Regiment Charity visit:

The Parachute Regiment Charity
Regimental Headquarters
The Parachute Regiment
Merville Barracks
Circular Road South

Civilian: (01206) 817074
Military: 94660 7074